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Digital Design: Me and Flash

February 1, 2010

Currently obsessed with Flash. It’s super frustrating–Yedi explained that it was acquired much later by Adobe, which is why a lot of the shortcut keys, etc don’t work as they do in other programs–but honestly–this is the first time I’ve been excited by technology. I remember learning Photoshop with determination as a way for me to not do things only on the copier and begrudgingly admitting that InDesign definitely made layout easier. But Flash is the first time where my mind is really excited to take advantage of it–perhaps I won’t end up as a print throwback after all? We’ll see how quickly I get my bearings in this program–remember, it’s the first time I’ve worked or even thought in 4d–and how quickly I can think of stories to tell within this framework. But I can totally imagine me having a tasteless learning phase–where every frame is packed with special effects I am just so gosh darned pleased to have learned!!

Of course, rumours abound that Flash is the past and some scary thing called HTML5 is the future. Constant learning! It’s the pits!

I sound like a goofball when I say that, and of course I am being one–but really–I barely have any room in my head for all the constant learning I am doing content wise, etc. There isn’t much room for nuts and bolts of techshit here too! Yikes!

Excited and nervous to show our first Flash movie tomorrow. We’ll see how it goes!

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