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Color: Analogous Color Scheme Examples from Real Life

February 9, 2010

As usual for homework when pressed for time, I draw into the hefty reserves of my photo collection. Lest anyone worry that that is lazy–I contest! My photo reserves are vast, frequently unexplored but rich for the plucking–and quite frankly it is super fun and productive for me to revisit favorite photos from a different point of view, i.e. that of homework.

For example–Twin Hobos Betsy and Kate–a great photo taken by Jon C. An incident where Kate and I absolutely coincidentally wore the same weird, a bit old, flowery jacket when meeting up. (It fits here well, so she had never thought twice of it, but for me, it’s about two sizes too large, so I always think about it as my hobo jacket. Plus, though it’s not particularly worse for wear, the coloring is sort of inherently dirty, no?) The photo is terrific–partially because both me and Kate are grinning like idiots and are genuinely happy to be there, partially because Jon is also a terrific photographer. But it’s nice to analyze it from the color angle and see that the colors of the photo almost perfectly fit into an analogous color scheme. I love that Kate’s scarf is the dominant magenta of that color scheme and my scarf is its almost perfect compliment.

The other images: a painting by my friend Armen, who I think uses colors really terrifically–even when using flat panes of color, I feel like he somehow combines them so that the flatness is completely gone.

And then Martha’s Vineyard. I decided to look beyond what I usually like and look towards nature for inspiration and found this one which is pretty nice, I think.

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