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Color: Gerard Richter’s Abstraction Rocks My World

February 11, 2010
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So: abstractionism: I am neither here nor there; Gerard Richter: I generally quite like. I clicked on this old email announcing a show at the Marian Goodman Gallery (sadly over!) not knowing what to expect, and I have to say, I was quite blown away. Maybe it’s seeing the art in small encapsulated images on my glowing screen, but I really don’t remember ever feeling so powerfully moved by artwork. As someone who quite often struggles with art–what is the point of most of the stuff that I see in museums and galleries? And even, what is the point of most of the stuff I do (which people even sometimes like!)–this was an exciting moment. Maybe most art just doesn’t touch me and here is a rare piece that does.

I filed this under color because I thought of Michelle’s story about being so moved by a one-color painting at the Art Institute of Chicago (please correct if I’m wrong!). And so I had a thought that maybe my excitement here might also be secretly caused by color (although quite frankly, I suspect it has much more to do with these amazing brush strokes.) And then of course, I noted that there were some spots of orange in some of the paintings…. which is my trend book project color. So a color post this is!

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