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Discovery: Absolutely Fantastic Website

February 11, 2010

This is the real thing: I’m slogging through old Flavorpill emails in a last ditch attempt to get to Inobx Zero and coming upon some fantastic stuff (some of it time sensitive, i.e. Gerard Richter show–too bad I can never seem to open these emails when I get them.)

Came upon this. As I understand it, it’s a visualization of what we’re feeling now, as compiled from blogs and such. It’s really truly fantastic, though I haven’t had the chance to uncover it all yet–there’s so much! I’m really into Tufte and Data Visualiation right now so this really resonates. For complicated reasons I have a fear of getting pulled into too much data visualiation stuff–basically I think I would get too sucked in by the science of, get into that and then get bored and find it hard to find my way back to the design of it–but I do want to stay informed of it. Also reinforces my suspicion I should really force myself to do a lot more digital/interactive stuff. This shit is cool!

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