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Work: Poster I did for Senior Projects

February 11, 2010

This is the poster I did for Senior Project Advisement. It has mysteriously yet to be printed up, but one can only assume it’s because things got forgotten rather than any FUNDAMENTAL issues with the design. I wouldn’t claim I’m breaking any new ground here, but frankly, I think it’s quite sweet.

As you can see with this and the other poster I did for Undergrad ComD, I am totally getting whazooped by the grid. By which I mean, IT’S SO MUCH EASIER TO USE IT THEN NOT. Which is nice, at first, until you realize… WILL I BE ABLE TO BREAK OUT OF THE GRID WHEN IT’S TIME? Which I’m not saying it is, yet, for me. But I’ve heard this has been a problem for designers.

This was a previous version I was working on but then rejected because I thought it was too simple. Quite frankly, not sure what was the right thing to do–both quite appeal to me now. But I am a sucker for manicules. The only thing is, I wish I could draw this stuff myself a la Luba Lukova (who teaches undergrads here! what!); instead I usually rely on extracting the image I want from existing images through whatever means I can think of…

The key thing here, actually, which I’d completely forgot about, was that the manicule was looking pretty doofy until I reversed it out. The outline was just too heavy and ugly–and when I filled in the negative space contained within, it became clear it wasn’t really necessary. This is when things took off.

This is a photo of a manicule that I worked off (found on the Flickr Manicule photostream–a crazy amazing resource–I will try to get the link later–thanks!) to modify an existing, plain, manicule into a string-tied manicule. Apparently some fonts nowadays have stringed manicules included, but they are pricey, fancy fonts! We don’t play that way… yet!


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