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Work: Presentation Survey Poster for Undergrad ComD

February 11, 2010

The poster I finished today fora Presentation Survey for Undergraduate ComD. As you can see, I stole the “You cannot not communicate” from the David Carson poster. I took photos of the text through tracing paper so I think it came out pretty cool, though I did have some issues with bringing together the image and all the communicating text. Michael Kelley, a professor here in Undergrad ComD who has a terrific eye really helped bring it together from a certain afternoon impasse. As always besides learning how to be a good designer, I am learning how to be a good critiquer; I loved that the first thing he asked was when it was due–all criticism must be relevant to the actual project timeline–your genius criticisms aren’t worth jack if things must be shipped (to use Seth Godin’s term!) ASAP!

Here’s the original version I gave them:

Which was rejected, a funny feeling–because the concept is strong, just the execution is off. I probably prefer this one better (let us ignore the minor text down there–it was happily rejected before I could get all into the nitty gritty of it) because I love the light spot in the middle of the center, with the idea of the text emerging from it. The point was made that the “Communicate” was pretty illegible (which I agree with–I guess I just thought the image was interesting enough that viewers might get drawn in to do some research? My allusions being too abstruse seems to be a common theme of late–Type 2 kids also pointed out that the text was incomprehensible etc and they wanted legibility. Which is a point I can take to the bank, definitely.) I’m too easily frustrated with Photoshop to have rescued the “Communicate” back in–and it sort of seemed all backwards–I had taken the photo with the intention to  have the text a bit obscured and the idea of digitally undoing the physical obscuring seemed goofy. Anyways, had I had more time, I probably would have just reshot the photo to get the total look/ideal balance of legibility/obfuscation, but things are a bit tricky at this work with the luxury to do photo shoots, so I’m glad I was able to make what I had work.


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