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My Best Idea Ever?

February 13, 2010

We have to do a modular project for Vis(ual) Com(munication). Didn’t know what to do until I had a good idea in the shower today.

Doesn’t this one look crazy cartoonish?

I sort of think this might be my best idea ever, though it’s far from finished. The eventual idea is blocks kids could play with–the modularity being the unit of thickness here so that the letters fit into each other nicely–so the issue is how to construct even a mockup so that it more or less functions for a demonstration. No idea what to use–wood is always nice or maybe a sturdy foam? My other suspicion is that this idea has also been done before; I’ve been googling “three-d letter blocks” type things with not much results, but I’m skeptical that such a fairly simple idea has not yet been brought to fruition. I guess for a student project this will do.

I actually am pretty hot for the paper version too, though I have to figure out a way to do it so I can construct it much more neatly. Maybe just making it bigger? I am really excited!!!

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