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Thoughts on My Digital Future

February 14, 2010

So this is going to be a bit of a blah-blah, but this has been on my mind of late.

Of great concern for me is doing what I want to do while not getting left behind/not ignoring/not sticking my head in the sand re: internets + interactive possibilities. When I was looking at grad schools I squarely rejected any amorphous programs that seemed to stress interactivity (which I don’t necessarily regret–in general, I am not a fan of amorphously described grad programs. Not that they can’t be while up and running, but they should at least be able to succinctly point out some concrete goals.) It’s funny that in just a year I am turning around on this issue–though far from all the way. I mean, part of it–thank you, school!–is that I’m thinking about design pretty much 24/7 (hence the blog) and thus seeing more examples of it and thus seeing BETTER examples of it, digital/interactive included.

So while I want to get acquainted/be able to use the technology, I guess the key thing is to be consuming it all the time/be having ideas. As long as I have the ideas, I will, presumably, have the willpower to learn how to do things. But I won’t have interactive ideas unless my head’s up in that business, as it were.

This is illustrated most frustratingly with Flash. I don’t know Flash that well and it’s hard for me to think in its terms; on the other hand, I also don’t have any ideas that I want to execute in Flash. These things are not the same, but they are connected…. I think the more I know about Flash the more I’ll notice strategies/techniques used by others, the more I’ll get excited about it and its possibilities, the more my head will start thinking that way, and I’ll get ideas which I’ll want to execute…

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