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Color: Orange Collage

February 24, 2010

My color to work with somewhat long-term is, unfortunately, orange. I am all for challenging yourself (and not just in words, dammit! I think I have an excellent record out of making delicious lemonade from the bitter lemons given to me in design/art situations) but I have looked at this every which way, and orange is no no good. As I understand it, we are supposed to make up a book sort of trying to sell orange as the new trend color of 2011 or whatever. Now, clearly I am sort of against the very idea of selling trends–I am DEFINITELY–not interested in this, but I can still get into the exercise. But orange…

Orange’s loud and garish. If you go light, it’s immediately pastel; if you go dark, it’s immediately muddy and brown. It’s number one natural connotation is pumpkin (outranking, interestingly, orange! maybe that’s just me?), which let’s face it, if you’re trying to sell to ladies to wear, is not a great connotation.

I think that’s an assumption I made from the beginning and one that works well, still–that I would try to sell this color to fashion types–to get ladies like me to be excited about wearing (and buying) orange clothes. In retrospect, focusing on interior decorating or something like that seems easier, but I guess that’s hampered by my absolute lack of interest in that subject.

ANYWAYS. Here is my color collage, where I try to explore some angles to orange and try to explore some color schemes I could work with.I got really excited about pairing orange with a gray and thus making it a little more elegant (although finding the right value of orange to pair is a different story) but I got pretty discouraged when I realized I was really veering into red-orange’s space.

For next week we have to do a paint exploration of our color which I am actually pretty excited about; hopefully I can discover a few values I can work with.

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