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Full-Time School Pushing Me Into the Creative Groove.

February 24, 2010

This is a weird thing to post, but I totally have to declare it and be happy with it; though I feel run down in a number of respects, I am in some sort of a creative groove. It must be being in school full-time and undergrad work: 8 hrs of creativity every day. I am in training! My creative muscles are blooming! First, unlike most other points in my life, I am not having any problem with a shortage of ideas. The thinking-designing balance has been really working out for me–as in, when I don’t know what to do, I think + look at sources–and then something comes to me–and when thinking gets me nowhere, I make something and some smart thoughts come to me. And when I can no longer design, I think again–and refine my idea. In the past, crucially, it has frequently turned out at this midway point that my central idea (CF TWYLA THARP!!!) was actually somewhat different from the idea as I understood it and there had to be a bit of reworking. But now–I am getting less and less off. I am still usually off, I assure you. Indeed, in the Twyla Tharp model, what amazes me is that she seems to think that you can always go into your work knowing what the central theme is and that you understand it. For me–I always THINK I know, but usually don’t, not really. So I see, at least, I am getting less and less off. This might actually have also to just do with experience.

It’s been really nice. And much less scary. It’s nice to feel some progress, finally. (Esp. about that midway point: it has frequently been horrific.)

I never wait for good ideas to come when I am tired though… Wednesday and Friday are my big ideas, because I can sleep late. And hopefully something good will come to me in the shower.

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