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Color + Type: They Meet!

February 25, 2010

Though I wrote quite a bit about my Zirma book yesterday, I don’t think I mentioned the role that color plays in the book.

The book is about noticing and remembering: quite organically, yellow became the color of noticing. But the added color layer came in when I realized that yellow’s complement, purple could be the color of remembering: it is the reverse color for a second after you’ve been staring at a strong color for a while. This purple connection came out quite strongly, actually, because for me, purple is a sad,
contemplative color, quite intimately tied with memory: that it was also yellow’s complement and thus its reverse flash was almost too clean.

I have to say, I’ve never thought through color on this level before and I’d argue this color story (ah, the jargon!) adds an elegant layer to this book. So I really have to credit Color Workshop for that. Can’t wait to see what color breakthroughs I will be having next…

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