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Color: Color Book

March 3, 2010

I’m getting excited about the color book! To recap: my color is orange; my goal is to bring sell orange as a fashionable color. This was the goal from the very start and it really crystallized yesterday over two things: Rebecca wearing orange nailpolish and me reading about orange as being a color of transition.

Anyways, here is my color story; I think it explains it pretty well (?). The writing’s a bit saccharine, I won’t lie, but the thoughts in there are genuine, which means I just need to polish off the gratuitous "polishy" phrases and get down to my real thoughts underneath the trandy-jargon. Cause that’s how things get better.

I have yet to post some images of my exact shade but I am really zeroing in on a peachy bright shade. I think it will look fantastic with gray and a dark red, and in general any other sort of winter colors.

Orange You Excited For Spring? (working title.)

She’s wearing chic leather boots, a blue fitted top, a large statement-like fringed belt—and bright orange nails. It’s a surprising but sweet accent in a tightly pulled together outfit. The orange nails, Rebecca says, just cheer her up. It’s winter and the weather has been grey and sludgy, every bit of snow turning into unpleasant soup the second it hits the ground. It’s no wonder that this punch of color, paired with a tasteful muted palette, cheers her up—as well as others. Orange is the color of the sun, the color of fruit and health, a color of warmth, energy, activity. This coming winter season, it will be just the color that women don to remind themselves that spring and summer are just around the corner—a color that can play with traditional winter colors and yet bring an uncharacteristic brightness to the season’s palette.

Between red and yellow, harking back to the falling leaves between seasons and the setting sun between day and evening, orange is inherently a color of transition. When the day grows dark early and gray skies can last a week, a bright bit of hope, an optimistic reminder of spring and summer yet to come, seems just the thing. Whether it’s in a top, a belt, or a surprise detail like nailpolish, orange is like that ray of sunshine that peeks past the clouds.

Some Color Name Ideas

This might make more sense to do once I post some palettes I’m thinking of, but here is what I’m currently thinking about. As always I love advice. Remember, we’re thinking, a peachy (BUT NOT PASTEL.) orange suited for fashion. Aimed for a winter season.

orange julienne
orange zest
orange peach rose
peach rose
ginger orange
persian orange
orange magnolia
orange peach
ornge daffodil
orange interlude

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  1. March 3, 2010 7:58 pm

    Inasmuch as poetry and fashion can go together, the poet of the moment is Frederick Seidel, an independently wealthy poet-socialite who boasts a collection of Ducati motorcycles, gives only one interview a year (inwhich he treats the interviewer with a combination of high-brow and high-society scorn) and other biographically picturesque etcs trailing off into the east hampton sunset.

    A sunset he would describe as tangerine, a color he mentions no fewer than 4 times in one of his most famous poems, “A Pretty Girl.”

    I have the poem in my library, if it’s of any help, and it’s also available on google books. I know he writes elsewhere of other tangerine/nectarine colors, though I can’t quite remember where at the moment.

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