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Super Excited About Zirma Calendar

March 3, 2010

I’m currently trying to plow through Flash. Tough doing something I’m so beginner level at; I can feel the lack of polish, but I also know I have to accept that and just have to move on–it’s only much later I think I’ll be able to bring that polish to it. But in the meantime, I am just getting super excited about the Zirma (my Invisible City poster for type. We have to do a poster that is a welcome poster for our city on one side and on the other side has a calendar of upcoming events.

Some thoughts: I’ve been really into Experimental Jetset lately AND my own book deals with reversed type/the illusion of seeing through pages, so I knew immediately that the poster would be to some extent "see-through." (Ideally it would actually be see through, but I have no experience printing anything of that sort so I don’t want to overaim.) But basically I would do the same thing to start off with–print reversed type on one of the sides.

Anyways there are these amazing old maps in the Pratt Brooklyn library–they are gigantic and from the turn of the century and they are amazing. I’m not sure where I read this–either Tufte or You Are Here , but there is this idea that maps are fascinating because you can read them on a macro level AND on a micro level.

Which I sort of think is the very point of design. To create things which can be read on a macro level (look exciting/enticing, attract attention, to some extent communicate what they’re about) AND on a micro level (you approach and the content is still legible, whatever that content may be.)

So I’ve been thinking a lot about these maps–I took photos today and I should be putting them up right now instead of otherwise goofind around. And there are all these highlighted boxes in them–houses, basically, with the yellow meaning something, like, "house with electricity" or something. And the yellow box language speaks precisely to the visual language I have employed in Zirma–notice me, read me (with actual yellow boxes).

So I am just super entranced with this idea coming together–of these yellow boxes framing the calendar content–and then sort of coming together into a map–a map of Zirma, a psychogeographic map, if you will. Because what is a city if not a collection of things that HAPPEN in the community?

Aaaaaah! I can only hope that I can do justice to this idea. My parents are coming in this weekend and this Flash project totally has to move so it’s sort of unclear when I can work on it. But the key thing is to at least read in the zwischen-momente: Tufte Tufte Tufte, Visualizing Information, here I come.

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