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You Have to Walk Before You Can Run

March 5, 2010


Draining day. Absolutely draining.

Too draining for me to even be upset.

So I’ve talked about work I’ve done for UndergradComd here and here. There are some issues with them and I’m not sure I could claim they reinvent the form, but overall I was happy with them, and what’s more, I got a couple of compliments on them from both admin/faculty types and random people (students) in the department.

All these events came and went and it became clear that the mandatory nature of these events bypassed students. We can split hairs about the fact that I am surprised a lot of kids weren’t getting emails from the department (which is kind of nuts for me) but all in all, I take blame upon my designs that that did not communicate.

I came in yesterday to find some garish poster that someone did which I guess was counteracting the quiet of my poster, which kind of bummed me out. So I came in today and I just really really wantedto straight up communicate, coolness be damned.

This is what was printed in the end.

Betsy Medvedovsky Design

A point to add about this poster is that on top of the rectangle at the bottom I glued a red folder with the applications.

So, I’m a pretty good judge of my work; I know where this poster stands. Fine, but boring (especially large, unfortunately) and somewhat odd color choices (especially with the red folder glued on) though I think I could mount a strong defense of them–me just trying to reinforce that applying to the scholarship is a relative simple process, thus simple colors. I really shed most anything I could add here: I shed typefaces, I shed smart concept, I shed exciting graphic feel. So it was a grueling day. All that shedding–all my dreams of using the same typefaces (or at least to always incorporate Andale Mono into the undergrad work) and all my strengths in concepts and graphic style also shed. All my ideas about adding meaning/layering meaning: killed.

What can I say? I felt pretty bummed about the whole thing–not even bummed but just DRAINED–but I have to say: I think it was good to have all my high and mighty principles somewhat dismantled by the reality of it. (that my You cannot not communicate poster did not communicate! ha!) Before you can rebuild you have to raze, or something like that.

Also, I think I did a pretty good job in terms of the type–I mean in some sense, this was a successful type 1 exercise, where you can only use one typeface family and lay it out simply within that. In retrospect I would have gone further with that and cut the color much more, really played with the black and white palette.

But I just wanted to get it over with, have the dismantling of me complete, and rest up so I could handle next week.

For the record, this is an earlier (rejected) version.

Betsy Medvedovsky design graphic

Rejected for being too busy, which I agree with. Flashier, maybe, but fundamentally not any more functional. Notice that “How to Apply” is larger than the “scholarship.” Obviously, I did this on purpose, thinking it would whet curiosity.

Sigh. That had to be torn today around midday when Michael looked at a version of the final one and pointed out I needed a more straightforward hierarchy.

So, yeah. Before I get all high and mighty conceptual one must walk….

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