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Michael Bierut is Rocking My World

March 27, 2010

Picked up 79 Short Essays in the library today and liked it so much that I immediately bought it on Amazon (Twyla Tharp again–i am now addicted to active reading, with underlining and such, and tough to do it morally with library books). Essays are super well written, fun, thoughtful, great and SHORT. And each in a different typeface. So it’s also a type book. How nice. (Which I did not get for the LONGEST time–either good–I can still pay attention to content over form–or bad–what designer doesn’t notice drastic changes of typeface?) The real thing of course is that I appreciate Bierut’s middle-of-the-road, common-sense approach–gently rebuking Paul Rand when he gets cranky in Design, Form, Chaos (which I also picked up, but have made far less progress in), skeptical about First Things First 2000 (that’s where he really won my heart–when he pulled it apart sentence by sentence, asking what it really means. I have been trying to figure out what “socially-conscious design”, etc is from day one so I’m glad someone else is confused.

Anyways lots more to say, but the point is, I highly recommend.

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