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Undergrad ComD Poster : In Which I Say Goodbye to Photography

April 15, 2010

Sweet little poster I did for Undergrad Comd today. Relates to the other poster in this system (though much of the grid proposed was completely abandoned). Vaguely anxious about my continual copy-catism of Experimental Jetset/High Helvetica style, but I’m sure this sort of thing will resolve itself–it’s a phase, right? and quite frankly, not such a bad phase to go through, especially if done right (and of course I’m biased there).

One of the earlier ideas I had for this poster involved photography; and then at some point, I said, fuck it; I use photos well, I use texture well, it is time to commit commit commit to the computer. Which I have been for a while now–and am pretty pleased with the success–but at some point with this poster I flickered and took photos and so today, after the one step back, to reject it again, it was somehow so final!

I’m not 100 percent sure it’s totally done; I might just need some time to look at it with a fresh eye over the weekend. But it really is super fun making type fly like that.

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