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Random Photos I Took That Make Me Happy

April 16, 2010

Two random photos from Berlin times.

I re-got into art+design when my smart dad got me a fairly simple camera when I was living in Berlin and somewhat miserable.

I went pretty nuts with the camera and took a million picture, many of them quite good, I thought, and the more time goes by, the more I still think. I kind of think my photos aren’t nearly as good now–for one thing whatever creativity I had or didn’t then simply had no other outlet, whereas I try to funnel it into design right now. But I look back at this fairly large photo archive all the time when I need some sort of texture or some sort of lighting situation etc; it’s kind of nice to see that a lot of the interests I am developing now were there all along. That design wasn’t some thing I chose out of the air, but that it’s sort of the natural expression of things I’ve been interested in all along.

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