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So… It turns out that everyone and their mother is into visualizing information.

April 16, 2010

So I have a new interest starting since about this fall of visualizing information/information visualization/mapping, whatever you’d like to call it. I’m quite a newbie to the visualizing information part and more or less to the mapping bit too (though I have had a fairly long interest in cities and how they physically express what they are which has come out in a few different manifestations).

I feel a little silly that I barely looked at Parsons program, cause I feel like a lot of very nice projects come out of there; but I said, I WANT TRADITIONAL GRAPHIC DESIGN, DAMMIT. Not this new fangled new media business which I don’t even understand what it is! Well I understand what it is, and I am quite intrigued with it, and sort of regret that I didn’t know enough when I was doing grad school business to want it. But you can’t change what you want; had I gone to one of those programs I’m sure I would have always had a nagging sense of longing for truly having an eye for typography, etc. The other school I’m currently obsessed with is the MIT Media Lab; in one scenario of events I would go  back to school in a couple of years to get some crazy PhD…. That’s just one scenario–not at all what I’m determined to do.

I think I must be part of some larger trend, because I see that there is actually quite a nice of Information is Beautiful books/blogs/projects; today I’ve been pointed to and stumbled to a number of links which I would like to compile here:

Book that just came out recently:

PS. Just gave up the fight and got Else/Where from Amazon. Clearly all my tax refund is going to be going directly to them.

PPS: “cutting criticism of the proliferation of info graphics” via Mark; funny.

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