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Maps of NYC

April 18, 2010
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I may not be a particular fan of NYC, but if I am going to get into mapping, what a place to do it in. (Of course that also means that any contribution I want to make will have to be all the more nichey to be original.)

  • Street by street map of NYC with buildings. Have yet to explore, but looks fantastic.
  • The Panorama of the City of New York. Queens Museum. I have to go. A Robert Moses idea, so apart from its coolness there seems to be some sort of antagonism about the project that seems more directed at him.
  • Manhattan Timeformations. Finally a website! “Mapping Manhattan’s skyscraper districts.”
  • Sanborn maps in the Pratt Brooklyn Library. Which you can touch. I still haven’t posted images. I should do that.
  • Famous map of NYC by Hermann Bollmann. Have been hunting around for an online image and this seems to be the best I can do, though it seems pretty useless. Another useless link about artist in German.
  • Traffic cameras of NYC. Doesn’t seem like a lot available, but could be interesting.
  • The Brooklyn Pigeon Project. The firm that did this apparently is retooling  their website but it looks pretty cool: they track the flight patterns of pigeons, wind patterns AND rival flocks capturing pigeons!!
  • Exploring Mannahatta Project. “Have you ever wondered what New York was like before it was a city? Find out here, by navigating through the map below to discover Manhattan Island and its native wildlife in 1609.”

all I have for now.

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