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Feewf. Glad that’s over.

April 21, 2010

First interview over.

Went well all in all, though I could have done better describing Zirma, pointing out some other details in my work, and I weirdly did not mention that I had lived in Berlin and spoke a shit ton of languages.

Well the last part was not weird at the time–it was a conscious decision, but in retrospect regretted it.

Fun to show complete strangers my work and see what translates. I showed only one piece from before this year–the False magazine covers–which I still love. I did the inside too, of course, but the typography is so poor, it’s hard for me to show that to anyone. Thoguh maybe I should have and put that caveat on–that I’ve learned so much about magazine design, etc.

So it seems like it’s time to dump everything that’s not part of a larger system. Seems like only Zirma and my type book remains; hopefully after the end of this semester we will be able to add letter blocks to that.

Nice to wipe the slate clean though; let the past work stay in the past.

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