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Zirma Poster : An Update

April 21, 2010

So I have been redoing the Zirma poster to make it, in sum, more friendly. Rebecca smartly pointed out that the front was somewhat unfriendly, which, once she said, was immediately clear to me. Of course, I should have seen it myself, but I do have a somewhat morose aesthetic frequently AND I was too wrapped up in the big picture of how the poster worked/functioned to make sure it was nice to look at too. Of course, one of the poster’s function’s WAS to be a welcome to Zirma, so in that sense, I had failed…

I stripped away a lot of the junk that didn’t need to be on there and tried to go back to my Zirma book for color/look inspiration.

The front, a lot friendlier and spring-like, no?

The back, still functional:

To add to the back, I added some record-keeping of the city. I.e., in the sense that such a poster could potentially go out every month, the back keeps track of such things. A detail will make it clearer than I can:

So as you can see, this has the record of how much you get per month for attending a city event. I made up a currency marker for the Zirma zirm:

It’s the “Z” and the “a” of Zirma superimposed on one another–I got the idea because much of Zirma is overprinting and backwards printing; this is a modified shape of what happens when you superimpose Zirma onitself, backwards. I also like it because it’s based on a typeface (and potentially could have different variations for each typeface, though I have to work that out–a hint–it is not working as cleanly as one would hope, else I would have posted those attempts already.) But also I like that there’s this crossing out element to it–which looking at existing currency symbols seems to be a common theme.

Overall I am much happier with the front–I love the yellow on yellow and it prints well too–it’s almost like this sunlight shining. It seems much more like a thing someone might want to keep around afterwards. And this sort of direction allows much more imagination for the front varying month by month. I won’t lie–the front as you see it now was a thing of restraint–I loved how the Baskerville looked on it at a very light transparency and was quite tempted to go further and further. But I really wanted the idea of the blank spaces to be first and foremost.

The back, too, I’m much happier with, though I think I could go further in the record keeping direction. One natural thing to put on is the shape of the other months–or how each month’s currency stamp looks. The layout is also a little staid, which I think is ok if you regard this as the functional part of the poster that in effect gets destroyed with the passing of the month.

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