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New Theory Re: Portfolios

April 27, 2010

Maybe portfolios are like languages. Maybe if people say “I like it” it means, that’s pretty good but…. like, you know, when people say you’re speak French well it means you’re not really that good? Cause after a certain point if you’re really good at french, no one tells you that–they just speak french with you??

This seems extremely accurate, actually. And can describe a number of seemingly positive, yet still unsettling interviews I’ve had in the recent past.

Also, a side note: three people have had exactly the same reaction to the Zirma poster, in all its various gray or yellow incarnations: “I like it.”
Just like that—flatly somehow.

I have my own understanding of what that means in relationship to the poster in question, but no matter what, I never want to get that reaction again. It’s somehow extremely brutal.

I wish I hadn’t had this extremely smart but depressing thought at the beginning of what promises to be an extremely long night.

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  1. kate permalink
    May 1, 2010 12:02 am

    whatever, people just don’t know how to react to greatness when they see it. i haven’t seen the finished product, but the images online were pretty great. don’t sweat it. i hope the rest of your night went better.

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