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Thoughts about my niche.

June 2, 2010

A nice little catalogue of what I know about my thesis so far:

-about the city (either mapping it or redesigning. as mentioned before, I think this can come later)

-about NYC (with possible comparisons to other cities. I’ve been thinking about it and this really is the only thing that makes sense.)

-about Manhattan/Brooklyn (I guess this is just rehashing a known–as it would be extremely unlikely that I did something on the Bronx. But I am rehashing because I myself would like to force myself to choose, but can’t. Manhattan seems so done and so much more effective as an urban space, so it seems better to do BK.  But even though I am a big BK booster, I think it might be a little bit depressing to do just BK?)

So the above we actually knew. Here is where it gets more nichey/more interesting:

-about public spaces: parks and plazas, commercial activity at around such places,  areas of movement-streets, sidewalks, bike lanes (the thing that is actually most often in my life, but can I be lame and say I would like to not be pegged in as a bike-only designer?) transitional spaces-border areas (I forget about this idea all the time, but I find border/transitional spaces quite enchanting. Unfortunately I have absolutely NO ideas for a related project and don’t know where to start)

Unrelatedly or possibly quite relatedly, I am trying to do some GD work for, a bike route mapping website.  So that is pretty exciting, and might push me more forcefully in the biking direction which I have been trying to eschew. But ALSO, it’s run by this guy Vaidila who works for the NYC DOT, which I am currently obsessed with, so maybe he will give some ideas.

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