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Really… some thoughts on thesis

June 18, 2010

So after all the ranting, I just need to quickly talk about my thesis.

So again, I’ve been thinking about overdesign (Alison Barnes) and dead space in urban spaces but maybe from a better point of view than is usually given it (my own feelings walking around the city; and again, my hatred of overdesign). And the dead space sort of ties in with the Beltline, the Atlanta abandoned railroad, and transitional spaces, which I love and am quite interested in.
and then today the Liebeskind lecture (architecture as emotion/ architecture as story-telling (ugh!), architecture as memory (which I haven’t thought about much but I quite like actually)
and also the Olafur Ericsson lecture (public art as something that makes people experience; make people experience you make the city human-scaled, by making the city human-scaled you are forcing an experience, engagement. Whether or not waterfalls did that or not is debatable, but at least a coherent narrative! maybe not from me, but in the original TED talk.

architecture talking
the emotion of the city
the transitions of the city/the dead spaces of the city/craving of people for dead spaces/quiet areas/introspective areas
nothing about historical facades, please, but memory a la Proust… a soft remembering and longing for….

What if I were to compare designed introspective spaces with dead spaces? Interesting.
Not sure if I could name any parks right now off the top of my head that are designed as introspective.

Some sort of Holocaust Memorials? only recent ones and thus more serious? public behavior at introspective-designed spaces vs. public behavior at dead spaces/transitional spaces

Ok. Interesting. Much more research to be done on this–to see if there were any big time “introspectively” designed spaces in NYC.

Also I am going to Moscow to visit family and thinking of extending my stay a week or two, walking the city, photographing, hunting for my thesis on the streets of the city. It would be quite lovely to have something firmed up before then but NO PRESSURE, BETSY. JUST KEEP SCRATCHING UNTIL YOU FIND THE ITCH.

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