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chaordic graphic design

July 7, 2010

So, just thinking about it for a short minute, I realized that the chaordic is quite a strong path for me to pursue (though really–I’ve been thinking about it for a while–and Max really put it into almost the exact same words–putting order into chaos–when I talked about urban typography).

So tomorrow, I want to google some chaordic graphic design and get hold of the Dee Hocks book. Googling, funnily enough, is actually no small matter here; the most natural term “chaordic design” will definitely yield a million other sorts of design first before anything graphic.

This sort of harks back to an idea I had a while ago, not sure if I blogged it or not, to try to devise a graphic identity without a set typeface. I think it would be a quite fun project.

So maybe the thesis is something like:
/ chaordic graphic design (researching)
/ chaordic graphic design (implementation)

It’s amazing how finding out someone much smarter and more successful than you has already had a similar idea to you gives power and credence to your ideas, for both yourself and others. Actually I find it a little depressing, but I hadn’t yet thought of anything like chaordic, so in this case I’ve found it quite helpful.

Anyways, the computer shall be dragged to the library tomorrow and I shall google my heart out.

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