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Thesis 2.1 (?… I have lost count…!)

September 9, 2010

Hot off the press. To be discussed tomorrow in class(es).

Order + Chaos

Design gives order to chaos. The world, ideas, information are chaotic: design organizes, makes everything palatable and
comprehensible. Of course, truly good design isn’t just order: there’s an element of surprise, something unexpected to it. Designer instinctively make sure there is breathing room, not all rigidity. But what happens when there is no real designer? What happens when there is a company wide branding identity in place? A ready-made template for a magazine? Technology allows for every guideline to be followed precisely, every brand rule to never be broken, all the colors to match. The results becomes controlled, repetitive, predictable.

I’m interested in reintroducing spontaneity into such systems. A built-in spontaneity, if such a thing is possible. An element of surprise that complements the coherence. Perhaps it is the users–the secretary who follow the branding directives, the layout artist who plugs in the template–that can add that something else. Perhaps it is the consumer who is adding something. Perhaps it’s pure math or the latest events in the news. Technology’s ever increasing advances ensure that large designed systems will become more and more prevalent: can a touch of humanity be added?

Design gives order to chaos.
What can happen when we give chaos to order?

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