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Clean design fail

September 19, 2010

Stuff like this makes me laugh:

modernism fail, container store, poor signage

Sorry for the poor photograph, but the point is some supposedly sleek design (note the tasteful, restrained logos on the sides of the doors) that is besmirched by the realities of life, namely that the Container Store swallows the building (more specifically, extends on both sides of these doors) and users, rightfully, think that the store entrance would be here. The quintessential example, of course, which one sees all the time (but will of course be hard to catch now that I’m looking for it) is some super minimalist entrance way with a sadly typed out “PULL” sign because the doors totally fail.

Basically, the whole graphics style/tone that was set by whoever has been blown apart by the need to dispel confusion. Was trying to figure out who failed here; maybe the original architects who built giant store space around these poor doors (though Container Store might have acquired more space with time, etc.)? But really I think for me it’s the failure of clean minimalism that fails here. Minimalism wants clean/restrained graphics; realities of life bust it apart.

I think originally I wanted my thesis to incorporate this: is there any way to make graphics systems that do not get busted up by the first impromptu sign? I think that started getting away from some 2d aspect I wanted to stick with, so I moved away from that direction, but still…!

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