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Moscow: Vernacular design — bulletin boards

September 19, 2010

Finally, bulletin boards. The people will prevail in trying to get their word out. I say this half enthusiastically, half jokingly; one tries not to make too many jumps from one area (vernacular design) to another (social) but I find it quite amazing all the places people would put up their ads. Of course this does not necessarily reflect a craving for free speech or small business needs or anything, perhaps just a society unable or unwilling to regular such things. I love bulletin boards so I don’t mind this, but I probably wouldn’t be thrilled if people were writing their ads in pen on my front door…

Bulletin boards naturally become posters:
bulletin board poster

This is a stylized bulletin board in the States (right on 7th Ave, actually) honoring 9/11, etc:9/11 bulletin board of tiles

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  1. kate permalink
    September 22, 2010 8:22 pm

    I think people love them or hate them. The one image of the barren board shows that perhaps they are a thing of the past in a sense. In some cases, the bulletin posting is a subversive act. I like the image of the bulletins covering the billboard ad. Perhaps now there are so many messages out there, in order to stand out, you have to put yours where people will least expect it.

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