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Wim Crouwel (and chaos + order)

September 25, 2010

Lots to blab about chaos and order and such but that’s boring. Let’s just do the images and a quick note.

wim_crouwel_Keerpunten in de Nederlandse schilderkunst

Have been thinking about Wim Crouwel, who I don’t know that much about but who Experimental Jetset always write about as a giant influence. Clicking on the graphic should take you to a larger compilation of his work or there’s even more here.

Love this poster in particular because it is so clearly chaos and order at once. It’s that weird shape; anyone can make clean geometric shapes–but this is no spiral, but a chaordicisized spiral…

We can discuss where on the continuum between chaos and order this poster lies, if we take into account its clean layout, but this is an example of chaordic design at its best.

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