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Thesis ramblings

October 1, 2010

Tough thesis class today! Not just for me, but for a couple of other people, I think.

Totally taking a couple of steps back from chaordic and order and chaos.

I am trying a new tack and looking at work I’ve done + seeing what I want to do and see if their isn’t a common theme.

Cause I guess I bet there is.

Successful projects in the past/things I’ve been proud of (BROAD):

(wow. that’s an excellent list to make, because a couple of projects are clearly off that list.)

Things I’d like to do/am obsessed with/have tried in the past and would like to revisit


I made this list before typing it up here, so maybe you can guess from the language that I’m already trying to sell a certain theme. I think it might be something like disruption / subverting the form.

This is something to think about.

Out of curiosity, a list of terminology my thesis has been associated with:

  • chaos and order
  • chaordic
  • spontanaiety/ built-in spontanaiety (it is not within my abilities to spell this correctly.)
  • introducing disruption (Mark actually brought up this term first I think, in reference to my thesis.)
  • incomplete systems that need to be completed by users (yikes. this seems awesome, but seems too trendy for me to actually trust that it is what I am interested in.)

disruption disruption disruption…what happens if there is nothing to disrupt: I FAIL.

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