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October 5, 2010

These are some of the things I call my latest work, which I am quite proud of.

A book that tells my story, centering around three transitions in my life (moving to USA as a child; quitting linguistics and leaving Berlin; and quitting Creative Circus and getting into design) and lets my work do most of the talking, I think, which is quite a serious part of my biography.

A book that sort of takes apart the linearity of traditional biographical narratives.

I have to apologize for the presentation here as flat files; I am way too exhausted to be able to photograph it any time soon.

The sheets are double sided, unbound and come in a plain folder. The last image is the inside of the folder: the facts of my life on the left hand side and the images of my life on the right. Indices of the events of my life on the left and of my images/work on the right.

This sheets are color coded by the time of my life and can and should be intermingled. It’s unclear exactly how these transitions happened (what happened that I finally quit the cozy lair of linguistics? I myself am not sure! I can only speculate by looking at the facts.) which the random juxtapositions of loose leaves sort of forces. Mixing the pages together to create new combinations and spreads also reveals a sort of visual cohesiveness that has been developing for a long time, which I love as well. Looking at how people were handling the book today, I think that’s the thing that leaves me a bit unsatisfied: they were not intermingling them, but careful to replace them how they were, and viewing them one by one, rather than in faux-spreads.

Overall though I am quite happy though; quite beautiful; quite personal; stays true to the point I had felt from the beginning (let it be a story of my work rather than my babbling about the inner thought process, which is so pointless, right?); and finally, uses up a number of images I’d been holding onto for a long time without a bigger project to put them into.

This is really something that needs to be photographed but we’ll see when I get to it as I am quite swamped now… who isn’t.

Also, a nod to the MFA, I really think all the books in Alex’s class came out looking terrific and beautiful and resolved. And you know I am cranky and don’t throw around praise for nothing, which hopefully makes this a bit more worthy.

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