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Anti: the most fundamental authorial strategy

October 30, 2010

Had a thought today: I think ANTI, which is what I’m calling my thesis broadly now, may just be the most basic authorial/auteur strategy there is. Consider it: a designer is essentially a tool. An empty vessel waiting to be filled with the content that he is being hired to design/organize/make sense of/make pretty/promote. The WAY in which he does it: book, website, poster, whatever, is largely going to be dictated by the demands of the content. Many times, the designer will not be interested in either the content or the format…. So a fundamental way to be a designer while still having a voice is to be oppositional. I think this is certainly the case to a certain degree with my work in the past (it’s a mangle now…. we can only make sense of things once the dust settles), Irma Boom, Kenya Hara.

I am not that interested in the designer as author, but this seems to be pushing there…

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