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I often speak against design, but I need to remember some thoughts

November 1, 2010

Overdesign makes me cranky and hyperdesigned things make me sad and long for the day when not everything had to be such an enterprise.


I just went onto this website I’d rather not name. And it’s for some sort of urban art initiative and it seems to be run by love and shoestrings, while being quite serious. So let me tell you: urban arts + love + seriousness + shoestring attitude == these are all things I love. But the website is sad and makes me sad. It’s uninspired. It leaves me lackluster and somewhat depressed, as well as confused as to the era of everything–is this website current? Is the organization still functional? Badly designed websites inspire such thoughts.

This is troublesome. I think small organizations need to have a way to get themselves up and running quickly–they don’t want to wait for fancy graphics or anything. But in this case, it seems clear that under-design fails this organization; I, clearly in the target audience, am disinterested and repelled.

So I’m not sure if there’s any brilliant answer to this (except for designers to do good work), but it’s something for me to remember.

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