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Reading about Zaum

November 5, 2010

A Russian Futurist mystical, poetical language. Transrational. I’m not sure what that word means yet exactly but I suspect it might do well by me and it certainly sounds better than anti-rational.

This Zaum business is seriously blowing my mind; I really feel like it describes my point of view from a different angle. Or something like that.
The point is, it’s relevant!!!

The older I get, the more Russian I get. I am just a Slavic mysticist at heart, to the chagrin of my parents…

ps. For interesting results, try googling “language of the birds”. Surprisingly fruitful. Really amazing.

pps. If you say print is dead, try having some of my interests. Namely, Zaum and pigeons right now. Impossible to get anything of substance from the internet….

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