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Pigeons finally in presentable state.

November 23, 2010

Totally not done yet, but at least presentable enough to get feedback on, which I did get today. I’m not sure it’s worth posting here yet; they’re too far from communicating just yet. But I am so happy to have made some final tangible process on this front. Not sure what went wrong with the project! It just totally spun out of control! In a bad way. I think it was the word “science” that made me wince and then the media, which I was determined to exploit (I did, in the end! amazingly enough, though it didn’t look promising) (and indeed — it ended up in the way I had first thought of it). QED: Be tangible with science things and try to find something not too abstract. (I kept trying to do something “anti-science” and then had Uncertainty Principle, etc. This was before my idea that high design ideas must be employed on commonday things–so the pigeons were actually much better content.) BUT. QED on media: my gut instinct on how to exploit the media turned out to be the right direction. I made so many useless forays exploring the media. Yikes.

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