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Browser Experiments

November 30, 2010

Absolutely senseless.

The exciting thing here though is that this is what might bleeding look like on the internet — where scrolling is a given. That’s the trick of it all! How can something be cropped if the media assumes total access? I think shifting/rotating content goes a long way towards that. Bleeding, as I mentioned before, implies that something is too big for the media and references the world outside, I think in some implicit way. So making scrolling a little more annoying sort of gets at that. Once again, it’s clear the only thing I am interested in doing is making things hard and/or breaking them altogether. It’s amazing. I really am not sure where this comes from within me.

Interestingly a diagonal browser is a lot less interesting: probably because it just seems a rotated thing. It’s like killing the assumptions of the format a little bit too much, it seems.

Here are a couple more:

Infinitely Scrolling Website. I used Missed Connections only as dummy; I don’t think this would be the right application of it.

And then what if the two sides were not perfectly aligned:

Knowledge on the Fringes Browser. Again, FB is probably not the real application for this. Not sure what would be appropriate. You know, we’re just playin’ at this point, is all.

I actually just had a semi-useful idea about the infinite scrolling website, misaligned version…. let me see what we can cook up….

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