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Comic Sans book: rough draft

December 5, 2010

Making as understanding…..

Anyways, I’m laying out the Comic Sans stuff into a book: two books in one, actually–read it one way, flip it over and read it the other way. So below are the spreads and then the images sequentially (so that you don’t have to look upside down).




And here they are in sequential order _as a pdf.


You know, after all this silliness, I really think there’s something to this. It’s just the sketch of an idea now, and it’s not clear that I’ll have time to flesh it out before the end of the presentation, but the idea is that one side of the book is modern, the other the postmodern. And postmodern is this flipping of what modern Helvetica usage is, like me doing them in Comic Sans. The Anti t-shirt is somehow this brilliant image that sums it all up–I almost think it should have been in Comic Sans from the beginning, no? Anti in comic sans certainly sums up the Comic Sans project for me and maybe, in a way, in the sense of always using the given and working against what is expected, my thesis.

And then formally also, there’s sort of a coming full-circle: Anti and rebellion can’t really exist without the standard and then they become the standard and then there’s rebellion against that….

Writing about it, I keep thinking more and more of binding it spirally without covers so it’s even more circular…

flipping and circular… flipping and circular… what’s a good format to present this in that allows those actions in there. Big, sincere prize to anyone who can suggest something that’s not a book…




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