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Comic Sans as Educational Tool

December 10, 2010

I think I’m basically done with this. Finessing shit, yes, but otherwise, it’s all there.

Redoing Helvetica classics in Comic Sans as way to learn design history: both learning styles and engaging with formal issues at the same time.

ComicSans Exercise12: Anti as educational tool

I think it actually turns out to be an excellent idea. Of course being a good little designer, I had to propose the other exercises that might be in an ANTI approach to design history. A fun thing to do, but so designer-y…. I sort of hate that part of design. But anyways, I genuinely ANTI is a great approach to design education and no, I am not planning to make any one of those other workbooks anytime.

I am breathing such a sigh of relief that this is somehow packaged and rolled up.

PS: I am still working on the title–something to communicate the idea immediately.

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