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Last minute signage 2

December 20, 2010

So I just posted all that bulletin board style stuff and then meanwhile, I still had these old print outs from the DIY design machine, and being obsessive and unreasonable and longing for _closure_ I decided to redo the poster…. but cleaner.

Here’s how I did it:

Using the projector and projecting a grid. It was really fun!

That said, the process was sort of indicative of how this is not exactly an ideal system. I got pretty psychotic with making sure that same colors weren’t next to each other, which, with five colors is quite easy, but isn’t something you’d think would matter in a last minute project. Also projecting a grid… also not very last minute.

Still, it’s a lot of fun; there’s something about it which is like that map exercise, filling out countries with different colors with the minimum number of colors. It’s kind of layout 101: making a nice composition with just blocks of color. And let me tell you who can get behind that idea.

I don’t have a photo of _this_ finished poster, but here is the first version poster, hung on the bulletin board:

Can you see that it’s crooked? Not done with a projected grid! Things that drive me nuts.


Maybe what’s needed is this approach (sticking on) with the individual signs (because the names are repeated, you get more flexibility in terms of placement: less worried you’ll cover someone’s name). Putting up THESE little fliers, the fliers generated straight out of the DIY generator and putting them into a 3 column “bulletin board” is boring by the way:


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