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Last minute signage

December 20, 2010

So I was saying the other day that the individual signs I’d made sort of resembled bulletin board flyers. So I went all out with that, pre-cut the small names, and arranged the left-over papers as an orderly bulletin board:

last minute signage pratt bulletin board

I REALLY like it like that. So there’s a little bit of cheating, but essentially, the tags off of the people’s names that are missing are what have been used up (for the map). On the one hand, it’s pretty orderly (three columns of eight) on the other hand, the varying sizes of names create the some seriously exciting diagonals.

I was a little bit worried about the columns (three columns…. my eye ends up on the floor rather than roaming the poster) but then I added the actual “Pratt MFA” white sheet, which I think knocks it out of the ballpark. (If I were to redo this, the Pratt MFA white sheet would obviously have to be landscape format. Sorry to be such a psycho, but as a lover of form, this mistake is driving me nuts!)

I love this because:

  • it looks good
  • is functional (you can pull off people’s names. ideally there’d be an email or booth number associated to it.)
  • even more ridiculously last minute than my original (no gluing required, just pins)
  • is super low in moving part count: every person gets their own type treatment for their name which is then used to create a letter sized sheet as shown above which is then used to 1. be that person’s individual signage; 2. create this poster; 3; make tags for the map.
  • speaks to bulletin boards. And not just from my own personal love of them, but from an understanding that bulletin boards symbolize communities. And in essence a group show of art is essentially a public bazaar. The hawking of the self.

It’s been driving me nuts that this whole thing (last minute signage project) is less “rich” than I’d wanted which everyone disagreed with. BUT. It occurred to me that the key thing that this needs is a BULLETIN BOARD. The physical thing — and also, a possible white frame.

A very quick mock-up:

The bulletin board is permanent; the white sheet is the more temporary business–the day, time, location, presumably.

So now we’ve come full circle. A bulletin-board-inspired signage system that is actually a bulletin board. Which…. did I tell you? I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. But still some questions do arise about how much this is needed.


UPDATE: oh wait. There is still much potential for richness. Because the show needs to be advertised ahead of time. With a poster. That is a giant bulletin board flyer, obviously. But it remains to be seen how interesting that will be, because presumably, the little flyers cannot have had any named ripped off of them just yet — those only get ripped off in the map making.

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