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Comic Sans as Educational Tool: Workbook final

January 5, 2011

While I was looking at the Wired article about bad typefaces being used as educational tools it occurred to me I never posted the final Comic Sans piece on the site.

Here is the final version, as seen through Issuu.

The premise is much the same as before: using the idea of ANTI–reversing or negating–as a tool in design history education. Thus in this workbook example, students learn about design history, formal issues, and thinking critically by recreating classic Helvetica posters while using Comic Sans. By changing the one element of the typeface, students might see what effects change and what don’t, as well as begin to understand some formal typography issues. Design history becomes a fun challenge of both thinking and making critically rather than just learning dates and slides.

The back cover lists other potential workbooks that could be made in this vein of ANTI. None of them have been made, but are quite fun to think about.

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