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In which I apologize to everyone I’ve ever known for holding onto your books for way too long.

January 26, 2011
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That includes all the libraries out there, too! (Though that’s easier because we have a financial arrangement.) I’m sorry — it’s a terrible, terrible irresponsible habit. BUT LOOK AT THIS AMAZING STUFF I JUST FOUND:

anti, t-shirt, experimental jetset

Other people’s takes on the Anti. Experimental Jetset t-shirt. (A reminder: here’s mine. Do I not have any of me wearing it myself? Yikes! I’ve gotten overeager and already cut it up a bit.) I love both of these. I should really email EJ with my photo as well. I of course love both of them — anti-anti is hilarious and I love the idea of “multi” as a sort of “anti” or something.



Bootleg anti-t-shirt.

anti, t-shirt, experimental jetset

From a book called Dutch Resource I think I may have mentioned before. I think I may be on the verge of never being able to use the Pratt library again because of it — but everytime I am about to return it, I flip it open and there’s some other amazing, relevant thing I need to process.

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