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Periods of Activity: Betsy Medvedovsky

January 27, 2011

Second attempt at documenting the first project I did this year. A depersonalized biography in the vein of a dossier: unbound single pages in a folder, documentary style, with some meager facts of my life thrown in. Unbound to hint at the numerous possible constructions of my biography/memory. Interestingly this last part isn’t some designer-trick; I genuinely feel it’s so true — looking back at my life it seems quite impossible to figure out why I made certain decisions; in retrospect, it’s quite tempting to construct a linear narrative of my life, which it certainly didn’t feel like at the time — it was more a jumble of things that somehow came together.

I love this and if I can be so un-humble as to say, a true object of beauty. It’s been very difficult for me to document this in a way that I think does it justice.



The last photo shows the inside of the folder, which acts as a sort of resume/index for the dossier.

Some of the flat spreads. Notice they’re color coded: blue is my transition from Moscow to Boston; yellow is transition from Berlin to Atlanta; red is transition from Atlanta to New York.

I love how it’s essentially my portfolio, with images, photos, design and a resume all included.

Much gratitude to Alex, who kept reminding me to simplify, simplify, simplify.

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  1. mirosim permalink
    January 28, 2011 2:04 am


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