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The answer to an enigmatic question is not found by reflection or logical reasoning.

January 27, 2011

It comes quite literally as a suddent _solution_ — a loosening of the tie by which the questioner holds you bound. The corollary of this is that by giving the correct answer you strike him powerless. In principle there is only one answer to every question. It can be found if you know the rules of the game. These are grammatical, poetical, or ritualistic as the case might be. You have to know the secret language of the adepts and be acquainted with the significance of each symbiol –wheel, bird, cow, etc.–for the various categories of phenomena. Shoudl it be proven that a second answer is possible, in accord with the rules but not suspected by the questionerl then it will go badly with him: he is caught in a trap. On the other hand, a thing may be figuratively represented in so many ways as to allow the concealmeant in the most diverse riddles. ”

Homo Ludens, p.110

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