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“It is not a matter of instigating enmity, but to define what could be the possibilities of enmity.”

January 31, 2011

-Pier Vittorio Aureli, Architect

This is all I am trying to say!
I found this quote in Uncorporate Identity, the Metahaven book, which I should have read a long time ago, apparently — it’s EXTREMELY relevant to everything I’m interested in. Have yet to track down where this amazing quote is from, but Aureli is rocking my world;

-he wrote a book called
The Project of Autonomy: Politics and Architecture Within and Against Capitalism (FORuM Project Publications)
—note the “With and against” !!!

-he is in charge of a program called the “City as a Project” at the Berlage Institute… if I had a head for more abstract thinking, this is clearly the program I should have been in. (Do you know I have a small time bureaucrat’s hobby of urban design? When I was in Berlin, I was really obsessed with it, actually, and a bit in Atlanta, too.)

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