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Jackson Pollack — thoughts

February 1, 2011

Saw AbEx with my ma at MOMA this Saturday. Have never considered Pollack much but it occurred to me it’s an example of art that values process rather than result. I don’t about what you think about it, but for me the painting as an image is fine, but is of interest mostly in inviting me into the fantasy of splattering the paint like he did…

Similarly for this one:

(Not Jackson Pollack, which made me startled with how much I liked it — I was just as shocked as you are!)

Imagine the pleasure of smearing the paint over the canvass here!


At the show I was thinking if art could be ANTI and if this was. I’m not sure. I’ve been dragging my feet about defining ANTI for a bit now, mostly because I think I have two definitions that are similar but subtly different and I’m afraid the castle will be revealed to be on flimsy foundations if I choose the wrong one…

The first definition of ANTI: emphasizes the reaction to the format as understood in the past.

The second definition of ANTI: emphasizes the internal tension/conflict, irregardless of the past.

By the first definition, any new art is ANTI, in essence. By the second, well…. it’s less clear. One reading of the Pollack piece is that it’s ANTI in the second reading because the painting is essentially emphasizing the process of making it but is represented by a static piece. That’s definitely a bit of an internal conflict, wouldn’t you say?


Originally, a strong part of ANTI was this idea that it allows you immediate entrance because it’s reacting to something existing already….I’m not sure if this is part of the second definition, but I’d rather not abandon it.


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