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Ripped tights as ANTI

February 1, 2011

At AbEx, I saw a lady with ripped tights and it struck me that it was a succinct example of ANTI in fashion.

  • The narrative that the ripped tights are telling is dependent on the existence of not-holey tights
  • They very succinctly tell a story by rebelling against what tights standardly are
  • They become a stronger story when they are clearly on purpose, i.e. not just an accidental rip.

Fishnet stockings work similarly. This might be silly, but it’s a real question to me of whether ripped tights as such are High DIY or not; I used to think the High DIY version would be the fishnets, but the above photos show such a highly stylized example of ripped tights! In those photos, the ripped tights are clearly High DIY — part of that is the economy of language –the girls look incredibly standard except for the one detail of the rip.

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