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Robust, surprising, fun.

February 27, 2011

Text I’m using to describe my work for the promo materials:


a new approach to thinking out of the box*
OR: a new approach to thinking outside the box. (whichever sounds better. what do you think?)

Drawing from one of the definitions for the prefix anti-, I’ve defined ANTI: an approach to design that begins with a familiar context/format (the box) and works against it (the push outward). Like an anti-hero or anti-climax, ANTI is recognizable, but contrary. Over the year, I’ve explored ANTI as a strategy for creating work that’s both experimental and functional. Like the design that results, ANTI is robust, surprising and fun.


Love the words robust, surprising, fun. Think that’s at the essence. I’m a little worried it’s a little self-serious for something that’s supposed to be fun, but I’m actually moving tomorrow morning AND sick (obviously — it wouldn’t be interesting otherwise) so I’m not sure I have any strength to rewrite.



After rightfully being prodded by Theresa to edit down this is what I got:


ANTI: a new approach to thinking outside the box.

ANTI is an approach to designing and thinking about the world. By working with and against expectations, ANTI makes things that are recognizable but contrary, familiar yet surprising, robust and fun.


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