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Comic Sans Comic Sans Comic Sans Comic Sans

March 1, 2011

Oh, by the way, the image that I sent to promote my show is old Comic Sans. I am a little begrudging about it, but what can I say; this definitely articulates my thesis the best most succinctly, communicates, and incites interest:

I am extremely into beauty so I would have loved to include something just straight-up beautiful, but the image has to be b/w which cut out off a lot of the options and my friend said that this is the image he’d choose. So I did  the right thing and chose this.

I think I’ve written much about this, but may as well write a few more lines — it is not that I so love Comic Sans; it is that I see this stuff way too often:

comic sans trash talk

Actually when I see this stuff, I am almost puzzled why everyone is not with me.
I am on the side of the little guy — are you not?
I am on the side of individual expression even when it’s somewhat inarticulate — are you not?
I am on the side of everyone having a voice — are you not?
Do only orators, designers and artists have the right to self-expression?
I do not want to be part of the designo-consumero-aesthetico-tyrannical complex — do you?

PS. To Mr. Fortune 500 — there’s no reason to capitalize the “l” or the “s” in lemonade stand.

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