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March 3, 2011

A poster I did for a friend’s project: a photobooth where sound is also recorded, making a sort of insta-documentary. (An installation for Third Coast Audio Festival. The poster should be mounted onto the actual booth: look here for photobooth examples! a great resource.)



A great project: I was asked, I had a very simple idea and then executed. It proved a little tricky in that there doesn’t seem to be a real “type” of photobooth poster to work off of (as is my wont, if you do not know me by know) — browse the website to really the range — it’s quite amazing. If I did it over, I would just do it in the German style, even if that is not a visual language that would resonate in America — they key thing is simplicity, to not distract from the idea.

Also, if I had had more time, I would have loved to pass print outs of the sound waves through a photobooth and see if that was of any interest–to see if I could get that beautiful photobooth texture–but the whole thing was super rush and Photoshopping stuff like that is not my forte/not worth my time.

Pixelating the waves in Photoshop, however, is so pretty!

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